Company philosophie

We will show you how data analysis or drafting reports doesn’t have to be complicated, boring or tedious. We will help you to independently draw crucial conclusions from your data in a fast and fun way. BIVAL GmbH stands for innovative solutions in the field of Business Intelligence (BI). We will support you in the analysis of your data and the setup of efficient reporting system for your company.

Our aspirations

You can directly take part in the development process. Our agile development cycle gives you the chance to influence the project at any point in time so we can tailor the development to your wishes.
We develop excellent BI-solutions together with our customers and integrate them into their companies.
We will share our knowledge with you. Through the training from our own BI-experts you will be able to use our own BI-tools and be on your way to becoming a data scientist in no time.
Bürogebäude BIVAL

A summary of our services

  • Data analysis and data modelling

  • Advanced analytics and data mining
  • Front end and back end development as well as ETL

  • Data supported predictions, visualizations and reports

  • Self-Service BI – establishment of an efficient reporting system
  • Project management – creating a successful development process

  • Prototyping – agile development in short cycles according to Scrum

  • Training – seminars for Tableau Desktop and Server
  • Lifecycle management – maintenance and service of Tableau & RapidMiner servers

BIVAL Standort Bürogebäude

BIVAL headquarters in Ingolstadt

We are specialized in visual data-analysis and data mining. Our BI-experts develop Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics solutions for your company.

It is our goal to visualize complex correlations through structured data analysis. Even large amounts of data can be intuitively made tangible for the user in this way. In this way you can use presently unknown Data to optimize your decision making and strategy through data-based knowledge.

We will set up an efficient reporting system and show you how to use it to analyse your own data, Of course our BI-Solutions can also be used on your mobile devices.

We have consulting and engineering experience in the automotive industry, educational institutions and mail order businesses. Among our customers are Audi AG, Fachhochschule Dortmund, MAN, Otto Gruppe and Volkswagen. Our solutions can generally be used across all sectors.