We plan and steer the development of your projects – up to the successful completion!

We develop, together with our project leaders, scrum masters and product owners, the right approach to implement your projects. We act as the interface between the different departments of our customers and other service providers throughout the whole development process. Through the combination of agile project organization according to Scrum with process models like ITIL or CMMI we combine the advantages of the different models. Thus, company standards are implemented accurately, or new standards are developed together with the customers.

Agile development according to Scrum – High flexibility and adaptability through short development cycles

With Scrum, projects are adapted to agile software development. This is particularly useful if the product to be developed cannot completely be described at the beginning of the process and changes in the general conditions and requirements can be expected during the development period.

Das Scrum Modell zeigt einen engen Austausch innerhalb des Entwicklungsteams

Our agile model enables a close exchange within the development team

The Scrum process clearly defines the tasks of the project organisation. At the Scrum Rule Meetings, departments, development teams and project leaders present their findings and progress. This allows for quick reactions to changes or to change the prioritization.

At the Daily Scrums the development team presents the current status of the projects and discuss the next steps with the project manager and our customers. Through this transparent communication synergies can be used, and obstacles can be detected early.

An essential feature of Scrum is the close exchange within the development team. This creates a dense network of know-how. This allows a high level of flexibility with existing employee numbers, as employees can quickly represent and support each other in various theme packages.

Another focus of Scrum is customer proximity. The regular communication with the departments enables a direct participation in the development process, in order to be able to match requirement and development status.

Flexibility and transparency for efficient and fast implementation – Task Management with the tool Jira

We create stories and processes, plan sprints and distribute tasks with the tool Jira. Visible to all project participants, we document the current status of individual tasks and thus obtain the greatest possible transparency. This gives us a detailed overview of the requirements during the development process. After the end of a sprint we will create an overview of the completed tasks. This allows us to react flexibly to the workflow and adapt it to the way the team works.

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