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We work lean and agile but still committed to the highest standards. Our methods are flexible but simultaneously offer a high degree of planning security – focusing primarily on the customer benefit. Commitment and high-quality results are important to us. Professional advice and a superior approach to the handling of your projects can be expected of BIVAL, regardless of technical issues.

Tableau Software Schulungen bieten wir entweder in ihrem Unternehmen an oder auch bei uns vor Ort!

View your data in a new way

Data analysis

We will show you how data analysis or drafting reports doesn’t have to be complicated, tedious or boring. We will help you to independently draw crucial conclusions from your data in a fast and fun way. For more information click here!

Data mining

Data and the ability to generate useful information from it is an important strategical asset that can help your company evaluate future-orientated decisions. For more information click here!

Data modelling

BIVAL GmbH combines its own established technologies with the newest developments. This is how we can develop databank concepts tailored perfectly to customer requirements. By doing this BIVAL GmbH can create a structured and transparent database for our customers and establishes a comprehensible data management system. Here, data of different origin can be unified under consideration of high-quality standards and the agreed upon safety procedures. This provides the foundation for meaningful analysis with Tableau or other front ends. Contact us for more information.

Tableau training

We offer in-house courses and workshops for Tableau Desktop as well as Tableau Server. Our trainers will come to you directly and will explain the software within two days. You will learn Tableau and the most important best practices through additional exercises. It doesn’t matter if you need to learn the basics or if you already work with Tableau regularly but are missing a few skills. Our trainers are able to accommodate any specific wishes to ensure that working with Tableau will be even more fun.
Did you know that the very first German-speaking certified Tableau trainer works for BIVAL?
For more information click here!

Advanced Analytics

We offer advanced algorithmic data analysis such as predictive analytics, data mining and recommender systems. For more information click here!

Project management / Scrum / CMMI

Planning a BI-project? We would be happy to support you in your undertaking. We are the right partners for you when it comes to data analysis and data mining consultation with over 10 years of experience in the field. We will help you find the best solutions and support you from project preparation, through implementation, to project completion. Simply contact us so we can arrange an appointment to talk about your plans. We will develop reports from your data to show you what’s possible with our software tools. Thanks to our short development cycles using the principles of Scrum we can adjust to your expectations at any time. You will be supported through the entire development process by our certified Scrum Master and product owner. For more information click here!

Software reseller

You require software licenses for RapidMiner, Tableau software, Jedox or Exasol? Then we are right for you. Thanks to our silver partnership with Tableau we are able to offer attractive discounts. Now and again you may even come across limited time offers. Register to join our newsletter to never miss the newest news. Contact us for further information.


New questions can arise by using the different software tools day-to-day. Leave it up to us to find the fitting answers so you can concentrate on your work. Contact us any time with questions, wishes or proposals. We assure you that any information or requests get forwarded to the correct person and we will get in touch shortly. Click here to contact us!

LifeCycle management

We will help you master your daily routine with the new software. Operating a Tableau or RapidMiner server, can take up a lot of time. We would like to take those tasks of your hands. You’re having trouble with a server? We will take care of it.

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Keeping an overview of complex solutions.

The development of Business Intelligence (BI)has been revolutionary in the last years. In-Memory-Technologyhas shaken up the previously established branch. Since even large amounts of data can now be quickly condensed and examined by user’s computers it is often forgotten that it is necessary to create an orderly database to allow the seemingly simple front end to work.

So why are small changes still so complex today? Why do you still have to wait weeks or even months just to add new panels or structures to your data warehouse so you can use them in your reports? While many involved parties are wrapped up in trench warfare between the classic and the new BI-approaches we recommend to combine the best of both worlds. Why not use the data from the DWH or the so-called multidimensional analysis cubes (OLAP cubes) and when necessary add additional design elements from excel files to the data to immediately take departmental relevant grouping requirements into account? You don’t think it’s possible to do that in simple way? We would be happy to show you such concepts. We will help you to keep an overview and to find the right product for your situation. Contact us for more information.