Your Data can be quickly and easily analysed using Tableau Software – even without prior knowledge!

Tableau Software Silber Partner BIVAL

Roughly 9000 exabyte ( 1 exabyte = 1 million Terrabyte) of data is produced annually – and it’s on the rise! More and more companies are collecting data from areas such as logistics, marketing and production. It can often be hard do draw important information and insights from the raw data. With Tableau Software we can convey to you many customized self-service BI methods to independently evaluate complex data sources in a meaningful way.

With visual data analysis you can analyze complex data sets and visualize trends and patterns.

We find that the flexible software tool Tableau is particularly suited for this task

Thanks to the ease of use of Tableau’s visualization tools, you can intuitively see what information can be drawn from your data. Simply drag-and-drop key figures and dimensions into the analysis and find answers to your business queries with ease. The visual data analysis therefore not only presents pure information, but also enables us to intervene flexibly in the analysis. You can make better operational and strategic decisions, making business processes and customer relationships more profitable thanks to these insights.

Übersichtliche und leicht verständliche Visualisierung mit Tableau SoftwareLebenserwartung vs. Geburtenrate

Concise and easily understandable visualization using Tableau software – life expectancy vs. birth rate

Our approach: Self-Service BI! Our data scientists will show you how you can evaluate your data yourself and use it successfully – without going through IT specialists. We do not rely on a specific tool, but instead focus on the methodology and approach. We work with different visualization software such as Tableau Software, Power BI or QlikView. We are happy to help you choose a suitable tool according to your wishes.

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